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"Faith, Politics, and the 2018 Election: Stories from past campaigns and hope for our future" by Eric Sapp, Founder, Eleison

Eric Sapp has spent his career seeking to empower the better angels of American values in pursuit of policies and politics that promote the common good. As a founder of Common Good Strategies, which later became the Eleison Group, Eric pioneered values-based communication and Democratic faith and rural outreach during the 2006 and 2008 elections. Over the past decade, Eric has worked on numerous advocacy and democracy-building campaigns, while overseeing Eleison's work to leverage voter response data from those campaigns to create one of the largest values/behavioral voter databases and most sophisticated digital advertising platforms in the country.  Eric co-founded a new company built from that data asset, Public Democracy, where he serves as President.

This event is hosted by the Religious Studies Department and co-sponsored by the Samuel D. Maloney Endowment, and the Politic Science Department. Free and open to the public. **Please note time change -  8 p.m. is the new start time.***


Knobloch Campus Center Alvarez-David & Pam Sprinkle Room

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