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Binational Farming Families of Southern Appalachia and the Mexican Bajío

Mexican-American families have diverse livelihoods, and many of them engage in the global economy in surprising ways. Dr. Mary Elizabeth Schmid of Western Carolina University's Anthropology Department will discuss one such extended binational family group whose members organize, own and operate small- to mid-scale farming enterprises in the southeastern U.S. and the Mexican Bajío through collaborative, kin-based arrangements. Members of binational families regularly negotiate social, economic and political borders within and across regions, genders and generations. Although they face violent contexts in each region, members of this binational group continue their rural-rural migration practice through which they contribute to two distinct yet interrelated agricultural regions in North America. This talk will share their stories and strategies which suggest alternative ways of thinking about value, time and relatedness within the globalized agri-food system.


Sloan Music Center Tyler-Tallman Recital Hall

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Veltri, Lee A