with Linda Rodriguez McRobbie ‘02
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There’s a reason we refer to “satisfying” curiosity – like food, like love, like other things we humans need, curiosity is characterized by appetite and reward. But curiosity isn’t only explained by a neurochemical cookie, because after all, curiosity doesn’t always end well (at least for cats). So what is curiosity? What good does being curious do us? And can we get better at being curious? Join the Class of 2002 and hear from Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, an American journalist and writer living in England with her husband and two sons. Curiosity is the animating force behind not only her career, but her personal life as well – it’s the reason she’s written about everything from the experience of pain to why clowns are scary, why she swam the English Channel (on a relay team!), and why she’s terrible at poker. 

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