We cannot understand Donald Trump's ascendancy, the appeal of his policies, or the loyalty of his religious supporters without understanding the phenomenon of white Christian nationalism. In his talk, Dr. Samuel Perry not only unpacks the racial, theological, and political content of white Christian nationalism, but presents an overwhelming amount of data to demonstrate its centrality in contemporary American politics. Whether Americans are on the political right, left, or center, Dr. Perry shows we all must grapple with the implications of white Christian nationalism.

Our Speaker 

Samuel L. Perry (PhD, University of Chicago) is an assistant professor of sociology and religious studies at the University of Oklahoma. His research focuses on transitions in American religion, race, families, politics, and sexuality. He is the author of over 70 peer-reviewed articles and 3 books including Growing God's Family (2017), Addicted to Lust (2019), and Taking America Back for God (2020). He is currently working on a forthcoming book on the English Bible.