A senior diplomat with 30+ years of experience advocating US policy, in 2018 Greg Delawie retired from the Foreign Service as Ambassador to Kosovo.  As DCM (chief operating officer) at the embassy in Berlin, he led a team that rebuilt US-German relations.  As DCM in Zagreb, he worked to promote military, political, and economic reforms necessary for Croatia’s membership in NATO.  In Washington, Delawie served as Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) in the State Department’s Arms Control Bureau, where he led talks with 28 NATO states on European conventional arms control.  As DAS in the Political-Military Affairs Bureau, he was US government counter-piracy chair, leading a group of 30 nations that helped deter piracy off the coast of Somalia.  Since retiring from the Foreign Service, Delawie has taught diplomacy at George Mason University, consulted for the State Department, and promoted democratic change in Virginia.