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Lecture topic: Anti-disciplinary, Transdisciplinary, or Interdisciplinary? What Latinx Sexual Dissidence Can Teach Us about Disciplinarity and Humanity

Lecture description: In this lecture Professor González examines how disciplinarity shapes the experience of being human, both within and without the university. Using examples drawn from the cultural production of Latinx American sexual dissidents, she examines the ways we draw boundaries around what counts as knowledge, as well as what counts as human. For example, what might a digital encounter with an image of activist graffiti asking “What do you permit yourself to desire?” accomplish that a peer-reviewed article might not, and vice-versa? How do our individual and collective allegiances to different ways of knowing shape our experience of being human?

About the speaker: Melissa M. González, is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Core Faculty in Latin American Studies, and Chair of Gender and Sexuality Studies at Davidson College. She began teaching at Davidson in 2010, after completing her PhD in Latin American and Iberian Cultures, along with the Graduate Certificate from the Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality, at Columbia University. Her teaching and research span trans and queer studies of twentieth century and contemporary Latin American and US Latinx literature and culture. In 2020, she earned an MA in Computational Media at Duke University as a Mellon New Directions Fellow, to support her work creating a digital resource for Latinx sexual dissidence.