Charlotte Observer: Students Teach Adolescents about Consequences Cyberbullying

This semester, Davidson students enrolled in the course "Theatre and Social Justice" made it their mission to combat the growing issue of cyberbullying. As part of the course, they performed the play IRL by R.N. Sandberg in local middle and high schools during spring break. The students returned to the schools almost a month later to conduct post-show workshops that help audiences empathize with those affected by cyber bullying.

Lukas Johnson, writer for the Charlotte Observer, interviewed first-year student Elizabeth Hunter and Professor of Theatre Sharon Green about the course's concept and success. According to Green, theatre for social justice has grown considerably and aims to use performance to catalyze problem-solving conversations on difficult issues. She said they would be assessing the project once it is complete and she hopes to find funding so that it can continue in future years.


  • February 24, 2014