Davidson/Red Ventures Partnership Offers Career Opportunities to Students and Alumni


Davidson College announced today a 10-year partnership with Red Ventures, a marketing and sales company headquartered just south of Charlotte, N.C. Red Ventures has been ranked among the top 10 ‘Best Places to Work' in the Charlotte region for six years running and is lauded for its entrepreneurial work environment and rapid growth. The partnership with Davidson College is the first of its kind and is aimed at placing more Davidson graduates on career paths at the company.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Red Ventures, an innovative company whose analytics-driven, entrepreneurial environment offers our graduates an extraordinary opportunity to develop their talent alongside experienced business leaders," said Davidson College President Carol Quillen. "Because Davidson and Red Ventures share crucial values and goals, our partnership will explore how a creative, technology-driven company and an exceptional liberal arts college can learn from and support each other to make a substantive difference for our students, graduates, employees and community. We are so grateful to Ric Elias and his team for this opportunity."

According to the partnership agreement, Red Ventures will aim to hire more than 18 Davidson graduates annually. While employment is not guaranteed, it is expected the number of hires will fluctuate from year to year. Among the other goals of the partnership are increased awareness of Red Ventures among Davidson alumni and students, collaborative activities and events, and placement of students in internship opportunities with the company.

"Davidson and Red Ventures are well-aligned when it comes to our shared emphasis on leadership, performance, and service to something larger than self," said Ric Elias, CEO and co-founder of Red Ventures. "This partnership represents our confidence in that alignment; we want to make a difference at Davidson and we are confident Davidson alumni will make a difference at Red Ventures."

The new partnership is a natural extension of an already-robust relationship between Davidson and Red Ventures. A strong supporter of Davidson Athletics, the company has committed to funding the Red Ventures Athletic Club for hospitality and team meeting space within the college's new Harry L. Vance Athletic Center, an enhancement to the Baker Sports Complex. Construction on the facility will begin pending October approval from the Board of Trustees.

Red Ventures has grown in excess of 30 percent every year for the last five years and now employs over 2,200 people. The company just opened a new, 180,000 square-foot Silicon Valley-style addition to its headquarters which includes an indoor basketball court, bowling alley, spin room and beer garden.

About Red Ventures

Founded in 2000, Red Ventures optimizes online marketing and sales for some of the nation's largest brands. Success at Red Ventures is driven by proprietary technology, advanced data analytics, and the company's greatest competitive advantage: its people. Red Ventures is headquartered just south of Charlotte in Indian Land, S.C. and has offices in Charlotte, N.C., as well as Wilmington, N.C.