New York Times: Photographer Malú Alvarez '02 in Morocco

"If you have seen 'Lawrence of Arabia' (1962), 'The Man Who Would Be King' (1975) or 'Alexander' (2004), then you have already been introduced to the area," New York Times writer Seth Sherwood reports from Morocco in a recent Times travel section cover story.

Stunning work by photographer Malú Alvarez '02 opens the mind's eye even further on the storied region.

"The temperature was easily 90 degrees as Mohamed wrapped my head with a long blue chech, the sun protection worn by Moroccan desert nomads," Sherwood writes. "Nearby, camels snorted and moaned while handlers outfitted them with saddles for the imminent journey. Behind us loomed a long two-story dune and an ocean of sand, undulating toward the vanishing point."

Read the New York Times' "Morocco, From Coast to Desert" and view a slideshow featuring Alvarez's photography.


  • February 12, 2015