Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Andrew Liu ’14 and R.65 Labs


Through the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship Program, S. Mark Williams ’86, CEO of start-up company R.65 Labs, was able to provide Andrew Liu ’14 an avenue by which to explore his passion for technology and innovation.

The Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship Program is for students interested in working for entrepreneurial ventures in a variety of fields. Through this program, students are connected with full-time, paid internships with start-up companies, innovation-oriented companies, and entrepreneurial social ventures. The program is open to all years, including graduating seniors.

The internship program is part of the college's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, which reimagines a liberal arts education for the 21st century by preparing students to be innovators in a rapidly changing world.

The initiative provides opportunities to blend your passions with the support, structure, and resources to address challenging problems with innovative ideas.



  • February 24, 2015