Inside Higher Ed: Davidson Pilots ‘Inverse MOOC’

After more than a year of work helping to create Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Special Projects Manager Allison Salisbury shifted her focus from information dissemination to information creation, piloting a 10-week, human-centered design curriculum.

Salisbury and a small group of Davidson Design Fellows, using the OpenIDEO online collaborative platform, worked through the three phases of the curriculum- research, ideas and refinement-to examine and tackle the question: How might parents in low-income communities ensure children thrive in their first five years?

"In our globalized world, the community that constitutes the object of study may be increasingly as important-or more important-than the dissemination of information about the object itself," Salisbury writes.

Read her full Op-Ed on Inside Higher Ed.

Learn more about Davidson's OpenIDEO project.


  • March 19, 2015