Student Returns Home to Nepal to Offer Aid from Davidson

Davidson Local is a homegrown band with a global reach.

A town-and-gown band of Davidson College perennially led by songwriter Professor of History John Wertheimer, Davidson Local played a benefit for victims of the Nepal earthquake at the end of the school year at Summit Coffee on campus. Ashim Sitaula '18, sat quietly off to the side. During an intermission, he spoke briefly and plainly of his gratitude for the money bucket beside him that was slowly filling up with cash.

Very soon, Ashim, would take that money home to help however he could in his native Kathmandu, Nepal.

"I've had an update from Ashim," Diana Miller, a staff member in the Dean of Students Office, wrote in an email on May 21. During the school year, Sitaula works in a campus job in that office.

"His return trip went well but he did have a delay of 24 hours in Istanbul.... I asked him to keep me posted and his reply was 'Alright, gotta stuff some real food first.' (I know from our conversations that he missed food from home!)

"He discovered that his area was basically stable. However, he knew that there were other areas that had not received as much relief. He and his father gathered more funds and he ended up with a total of $3,000. They purchased 60 sleeping bags and roofing material and set off for a village in Ramechap (about three hours from where he lives). He said it went well overall, although it got violent with a fight almost breaking out over the supplies."

In early June, Miller received an update: "I contacted Ashim yesterday. He said 'Everything is okay, a few shakes every now and then.'..."



  • June 15, 2015