Access to Success: Nathan Ekwu '18 Empowers Nigerian Youth on A2S Trip

This summer basketball player Nathan Ekwu '18 joins Andrew Lovedale '09, president of Access to Success (A2S), on the annual A2S trip to Benin City, Nigeria. The goal of the trip is to empower Nigerian youth through educational programs that provide the necessary tools to help them build a great future.

In his blog post on the trip, Ekwu reflects on the moment he first arrived in Benin and the new relationships he has formed. After seeing Lovedale greet children at the A2S After School Academy, he said, "I was overwhelmed to see how much joy and hope he has given them through A2S. I tried very hard not to cry but came very close. These children could not stop smiling and spent their time just celebrating us, and it is a feeling that I will never forget."

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  • June 29, 2015