WFAE: Data Analytics Can Be Part of Creative Approaches to Teaching Math

Associate Professor of Math and Computer Science Tim Chartier has been speaking to a broad public recently about math education. Chartier joined two representatives of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools on WFAE's daily public affairs program "Charlotte Talks" to discuss why American students are internationally ranked poorly in math achievement. That occurred a few days after he spoke on Capitol Hill at an SAP-sponsored conference titled "Building the Big Data Economy: The Winning Formula in Sports."

Chartier has been developing and promoting sports analytics for several years as a means of engaging students at all levels in math. In his recent appearances he suggested that data analytics in sports can help students recognize the connections between math in the classroom and in the real world-a proven step in improving their math literacy. He asserted, "At Davidson we say, ‘If you don't like math, you just don't like the math you've seen.'"

Listen to his WFAE appearance.



  • November 5, 2015