Garden & Gun: Lloyd Davidson '67, 'Birdman of Honduras'

"Lloyd Davidson has always been prone to wanderlust and wild ideas," T. Edward Nickens writes of the 1967 Davidson alumnus in Garden & Gun magazine, "but even those who know the Tennessee native could never have predicted he'd be the best hope to save the scarlet macaw.

"By the time he was in the ninth grade, Lloyd Davidson knew he wanted no ordinary life. For starters, he asked his parents if he could attend McCallie School, a private boarding academy in Chattanooga-a military school at the time-pretty much for the fun of it. The travel bug bit hard in the summer of 1959, when he signed on for a free-diving camp in Tobago, which back then might as well have been Mars....

"So it wasn't much of a surprise when Davidson took a year off from prestigious Davidson College to sail around the world after answering an advertisement in the back of National Geographic...."

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  • November 23, 2015