Black Enterprise Magazine: Legal Equalizer App May Save Your Life

"Seeing the video of the arrest of Sandra Bland-the Texas woman found hanged in a jail cell on July 13 after she was arrested for a minor traffic violation-was life-changing for Mbye Njie ('04)," writes Samara Lynn in a recent article about Njie's efforts to develop the Legal Equalizer app.

Lynn's piece continues: "If her family members saw that video, she would not have been in jail from Friday night all the way into Monday," said Njie. And that's when he came up with an idea. Njie launched Legal Equalizer, an app which can help in the event you or a loved one is pulled over or confronted by law enforcement.

"Let's say you get pulled over. Instead of having to text, you hit one button; an SOS button, and it will let those people [whom you designate in the app] know you were pulled over."

Read the full story about Nije's Legal Equalizer app on Black Enterprise.

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  • December 1, 2015