WBT-TV: Davidson Artistic Connection Enlivens Elementary School

Dec. 3 was a big day at Allenbrook Elementary School in Charlotte. The school hosted its first-ever student art show, and unveiled a large wall mural created through Davidson College connections.

Bonner Scholar Morgan Mercer '18 worked at Allenbrook last summer as an Education Scholar. Among other duties, the school administration asked her to envision ways of "enhancing student culture." Mercer settled on the idea of a large wall mural, and obtained a Bonner Community grant to fund the project. Mercer's friend Stuart Robertson '15, who last year painted a large mural in the Alvarez College Union, agreed to work on the Allenbrook mural as well.

The final creation spells out "Allenbrook" on the lower half of the concrete canvas, while the upper half is filled with images of everyday students at work and play.

WBT-TV invited Mercer and Robertson to share the story.


  • December 5, 2015