New York Times: The Lie About College Diversity

In today's New York Times, columnist Frank Bruni looks at what happens after schools assemble heterogeneous student bodies. He cites Davidson as a place where interaction among students from diverse backgrounds is encouraged and facilitated. Bruni writes:

The Supreme Court listened anew last week to arguments about affirmative action in higher education, and we heard yet again about the push by colleges to assemble diverse student bodies. That's a crucial effort. It's also an incomplete and falsely reassuring one. Have you spent much time on campuses lately? Leafed through schools' promotional literature? Listened to their come-ons?

If so, you've probably noticed how often they promise students academic and social experiences customized to their already-established preferences, tailor-fitted to their predetermined interests, contoured to the particular and peculiar niches they want to inhabit.

Read the New York Times' story here.


  • December 13, 2015