New York Daily News: Queens Product Bob McKillop Carves Lasting Hoops Legacy


Writer Kevin Armstrong takes a look at Bob McKillop's New York beginnings and celebrated coaching career:


"Bob McKillop, the white-haired coach of the Wildcats, walks to work at Davidson College on game nights. Door to door, his commute is a third of a mile. He departs his cedar-shingle house, crosses Concord Road and then strolls down a slope to campus. He bypasses a labyrinth to his left, and the shaded sidewalk beneath his feet is composed of red bricks. His office is down a corridor from the dance instructor's, but he choreographs all of his program's movements, from ball screens to conference jumps. Vantage points in the hallway include a view through glass of the practice facility be waited 26 years to see built; there is also a Wheaties box that features former player Stephen Curry. He looks down on the court, reflecting on the first shot taken on the far rim. The floor had yet to be sanded then. Curry, wearing a weighted vest and hardhat, fired from 28-30 feet. He banked it in."


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  • December 21, 2015