Huffington Post: Super Bowl Analytics: How Hot Are the Broncos and Panthers?

Prof. Tim Chartier and Tyler Hickey '16 let readers in on how analytics can clue viewers in to how the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are doing in real time throughout the Super Bowl game. In a co-authored piece, they write:

The Super Bowl is soon upon us. Between the million-dollar ads will be the game that crowns the Super Bowl champion and will etch the Broncos or Panthers into NFL history. There will be the big defensive and offensive plays that lead fans cheering and others jeering. How big are plays? How can we measure if the Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos are playing their style of game? Analytics, and specifically looking at how the teams play in portions of the field, can give us clues throughout the game as to how they are doing and who might be planning their trip to Disney by night's end.

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  • February 9, 2016