Sendero Media: Stephen Curry Is Not Alone


In a narcissistic age, Katherine Sorrell '06 reflects on what makes NBA superstar and former Davidson standout Stephen Curry '10 so different, and why we love him. She writes:


"He's a superstar, no doubt, and secure in legend territory. But he is no solo act. What's unusual about Steph is how he demands that the world see he is not alone.


"I don't just mean he's a team player. Steph is shockingly inclusive, even radical in the way he uses his success to divert attention to others, including his teammates, family members, current and former coaches, Make-A-Wish kids, and the Bay Area community. This posture is remarkable, given the level of narcissism our culture pedals through reality stars, athletes, and politicians, who build depressingly predictable personal brands of exceptionalism."


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  • February 29, 2016