The American Interest: Terms of Estrangement by Matt Gore ’16 and Prof. Russell Crandall


In The American Interest Magazine, Professor of Political Science Russell Crandall and Matt Gore '16 review an insider's account of the Obama Administration's rocky relationship with Israel–"Our Separate Ways: The Struggle for the Future of the U.S.-Israel Alliance," by Dana. H. Allin and Steven N. Simon. The recently published work also provides pointers on how the relationship between the two countries might be conducted in the future.


Crandall and Gore write:


Allin and Simon's ringside view of the Obama Administration's Middle East policy is a central strength of the book. The authors give deserved attention to what Kissinger called "the history of things that didn't happen." When discussing Obama's decisions, whether in regard to Israeli negotiations, Syrian red lines, Egyptian protests, or Libyan strongmen, Allin and Simon examine the realistic alternative courses of action and judge the Administration's moves in light of those alternatives.







  • September 21, 2016