Davidson Now: Get the Scoop on the Story of Fake News

Fake news is a real problem. From allegations of election fraud to Pizzagate, fake news saturates our newsfeeds—and our national discourse. Some say it has compromised the authority of journalism; others say writing fake news has brought them a fistful of money.

What do we make of this phenomenon? Why is fake news so prevalent these days? And how should we respond? On Tuesday, March 14, Davidson College will launch "The Story of Fake News," a free, two-week online course, facilitated by journalists, scholars and media pundits. Students will:

  • Learn about media effects, history of news and technology landscape from Davidson faculty Amanda Martinez, assistant professor of communication studies, and Mark Sample, associate professor of digital studies.
  • Hear perspectives from accomplished Davidson alumni journalists and find out what's at stake for the Fourth Estate.
  • Participate in real-time discussions with members of the Davidson community, along with learners around the globe.

This is the second class from Davidson Now, a new digital learning series from Davidson College on edX.org. Before the U.S. election in November 2016, Davidson Now offered its inaugural course on U.S. Voting Access and Fraud.

This series is designed to explore critical issues and engage participants in meaningful discussions. Visit the Davidson Now website for answers to frequently asked questions.

The two-week course requires approximately one hour per week to complete. You can work through the course material at your own pace—and interact with learners from around the world.

Register for "The Story of Fake News." Questions about the course can be directed to davidsonnow@davidson.edu.

Jay Pfeifer