International Canoe Federation: Clay Wright ’90 Wins Paddling Gold

Clay Wright '90 took first place in his class in the International Canoe Freestyle World Championship in San Juan, Argentina on Dec. 3, reports Davidson Outdoors director Ed Daugherty '85.

"For more than 20 seconds Clay Wright disappeared from sight," began an article on Wright in the International Canoe Federation website. "The crowd, the commentators, the TV audience scanned the river, wondering where he might pop up; when he might pop up....

"It was the trick of the opening day of the 2017 ICF Freestyle Kayak World Championships, performed not by one of the bright, fearless young athletes taking the sport by storm, but by a wily veteran as cunning as a fox, as gentle as a summer breeze, but a self-confessed show-off."

Read the ICF article.

Watch the YouTube highlights reel (Wright is at 2:45 to 3:00)

Read the Blue Ridge Outdoors article.


  • December 7, 2017