Davidson Tops Kiplinger Rankings

Davidson College topped all private liberal arts colleges and ranked second only to Princeton among all colleges and universities in Kiplinger's 300 Best College Values of 2018.

In addition to being named the best value among private liberal arts colleges and the second-best value overall, the magazine highlighted the many ways Davidson prepares its students to lead lives of leadership and service.

The article zeroed in on the superior preparation offered by a liberal arts curriculum.

"Our economy and world are changing so rapidly that the best education for this time is one that focuses on deep talents and broad abilities–such as problem solving, analytical reasoning, communication and collaboration–rather than narrow sets of skills," President Carol Quillen said in the report.

Kiplinger also notes the broad impact of The Davidson Trust, which lays the groundwork for student success by meeting 100 percent of demonstrated need through a combination of grants and student employment instead of loans. That puts the Davidson education within reach of all qualified students regardless of their finances.

"The no-loan program is our way of telling talented students of all financial backgrounds that we want them here," Quillen said, "and will do what we can to make it possible for them to attend."

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  • December 22, 2017