The Envelope Please: Edwin Pintinio Wins 'Spirit of Davidson' Award

Edwin S. Pintinio is the winner of the 2018 Spirit of Davidson Service Award. Pintinio, who works in Dining Services, accepted the award to loud and long applause from his co-workers from all over campus at the college's annual employee appreciation gathering on Friday.

Students nominate an hourly employee who has been at the college at least three years, who acts in accordance with the Honor Code, and who excels in service and support to Davidson College and its students.

For five years, Davidson students have seen Pintinio hard at work from their first day as freshmen eating in Vail Commons. A sampling of their comments illustrates the depth and consistency of Pintinio's positive impact:

"Edwin is the epitome of kindness, generosity and the friendly atmosphere that makes Davidson so welcoming to students and visitors. I always tell people outside the college that what really makes Davidson different and special to me is the quality of people–students, faculty, staff. He is always on; he always is smiling, greeting everybody, going out of his way to help students who need help. I cannot sing enough praises... he's a cherished part of our community!"

"He helps students get their food if they are injured or disabled. He is very spirited and gets very excited to see students that he knows (you can tell because he always has a huge smile on his face). He dresses up for all theme days in Commons and makes sure everyone knows about the theme of the day. He makes my day every time I see him, and he truly makes an effort to get to know us and ask us how we're doing."

"He always has the biggest smile on his face. He always has a contagious positive attitude that brightens any day and asks individuals how they're are doing. He is an amazing individual and those who meet him immediately love him and are touched by his incredible attitude."

About the Spirit of Davidson Service Award

In appreciation for the service of hourly staff members to Davidson College, and in particular for the caring way in which hourly staff interacted with and supported their son Mike, who graduated in 2008, Kathy and Gary Parsons established the Spirit of Davidson Award seven years ago with a prize of $850. An additional gift to the endowment of this fund made by Donna Molinek, Professor of Mathematics, and Frank Molinek, friend to many Davidsonians, increased the award to $1,000.


  • May 25, 2018