Preparations for Hurricane Florence

Dear Davidson students, faculty and staff,

You likely are aware that current projections show Hurricane Florence, or what would remain of it by then, affecting our area late Thursday or early Friday. Even if the storm is no longer a hurricane, it would remain dangerous with rain that could flood roads and with powerful winds that could snap power lines and turn tree limbs and other objects into projectiles. PLEASE read this message.

In the event that the campus were to lose power, please follow this guidance:

  • Students should take shelter in your residence hall and you will be notified if you need to move to an alternative location.
  • Meals will be served only in Vail Commons, as it has generator power for food preparation.
  • Students should NOT use candles in residence hall rooms. Residence hall rules prohibit open flames. Please use flashlights.
  • Entrance to residence halls from outside likely will be limited to a single entry. Follow the directions of RLO staff members.
  • RLO and Student Life staff will communicate directly with students about how to receive updated information.

If you observe any dangerous or damaging conditions, such as flooding or downed power lines, keep clear of the hazard and contact campus police at: 704-609-0344.

Any decision about cancelling classes will be communicated through email, social media and posted on both Inside Davidson and the college's homepage.

Be smart about what you do and where you go.

Let your roommates and hallmates know where you are going and, if you have to leave campus, stay in touch with your family members at home.

Any emergency alerts will be sent through the campus SSAFER system via cell phone, text and email.

Alerts also will be posted to the college's homepage and social media channels.

You can follow the track of the storm and get updates directly from the National Hurricane Center at and from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety at:

Take care,

Carol E. Quillen


  • September 10, 2018