Batten Professor Assesses Germany’s Future in “Foreign Policy”

Timo Lochocki, the James K. Batten Visiting Professor for Public Policy, wrote about German Chancellor Angela Merkel's wobbling administration for "Foreign Policy" last week.

Lochocki, an expert on European party politics, writes that a rising tide of German nationalism might swamp Merkel's crumbling centrist base. And that German politicians might not be able to resist the temptation to stoke nationalist sentiment for short-term gain. That strategy, however, would not only threaten Germany's future, it puts the entire European Union in peril.

Lochocki envisions a future in which Germany faces a vote similar to the 2016 Brexit vote -- with one major difference: If Germany withdraws from the EU, the EU would almost certainly crumble.

Read the full article in "Foreign Policy".





  • October 8, 2018