Davidson Senior Scheduled To Speak At Rally For Equality

Davidson College Senior Kenny Xu '19 is scheduled to play a featured role Sunday in the national debate over the use of race in college admissions.

Xu is slated to speak at the Rally For Equality in Boston's Copley Square. The group Students for Fair Admissions, whose lawsuit against Harvard University goes to trial Monday, asked Xu to speak, he said. The lawsuit and rally are focused on forcing colleges to judge applicants solely on academics.

The trial starting Monday promises to examine how Harvard University factors race into admissions. Students for Fair Admissions accuses Harvard of illegally discriminating against Asian-American applicants.

"I will be speaking on why Asian-Americans need to get politically active and my own personal experience writing about this movement," Xu said. "I think it's important for Asian-Americans to stand up for their equal treatment."

Xu, a math major from Princeton, NJ, is a leader among campus conservatives at Davidson. He serves on the executive board for the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom and is a contributor to conservative-leaning digital publications. Xu said Students for Fair Admissions asked him to speak after seeing his articles on race and admissions in The Federalist.


  • October 13, 2018