Davidson College Joins the Pepsi People…Generation…Choice – All of those!

Davidson College is partnering with one of the most recognizable–and tastiest–brand names in the nation, Pepsi. The legendary cola will serve as the official beverage of the Wildcats and a proud and imaginative sponsor of Davidson Athletics.

Pepsi will bring with it Starbucks canned and bottled drinks that soon will line cooler shelves at Davidson, and popular brands, such as Mountain Dew, will fill the vending machines.

The cola company’s Gatorade sports drink will join Davidson’s teams on the courts, fields and greenways as the official sideline drink.

"Pepsi’s new partnership shows the growing enthusiasm around Wildcats athletics," said Davidson Director of Athletics Chris Clunie. "We are excited for a nationally-recognized brand like Pepsi to join our team and look forward to a great relationship that benefits not only our student-athletes but also the entire Davidson College community."

The smiling Pepsi logo will greet students, faculty, staff and visitors at the soda fountains and vending machines across the Davidson campus. The college is turning to the taste born in the Carolinas, as Pepsi was introduced in New Bern, N.C., in the 1890s.

Pepsi will appear at Davidson sports events as a signature sponsor. The company, which urges "Drink Pepsi, Get Stuff," plans a Pepsi day on campus in the future, with games, giveaways and, of course, lots of Pepsi.

Pepsi, created in a small drug store, also will partner with the college on campus events and speakers on topics such as innovation or sustainability.

Pepsi products will debut at the Davidson Men’s Basketball exhibition game tonight in Belk Arena. Get your tickets.


  • November 1, 2018