Prof. John Kello Sets Agenda for Productive Meetings on ‘Charlotte Talks’

With more than 55 million meetings taking place every single day in the United States, meetings are inescapable.

Is all that time lost? Sometimes, it feels that way. Surveys show workers are more frustrated than ever, and they pin blame on poorly run meetings that waste time.

But psychology professor John Kello argues that meetings themselves aren't the problem: bad meetings are.

Kello shared some thoughts on making meetings better on a recent episode of "Charlotte Talks," a one-hour talk show on the local NPR affiliate. Kello joined Steven Rogelberg, chancellor's professor and professor of management, Belk College of Business, at UNC Charlotte.

"The impact of meetings -- especially the negative impact of a dysfunctional meeting -- is really profound," Kello said. "A meeting reaches well outside the confines of the meeting itself. And there's very little training for managers in terms of avoiding dysfunction and running an effective meeting. I don't think many people realize the impact -- positive and negative -- of meetings."

Video and audio of the episode are available.



  • January 15, 2019