Tresata Partnership Accelerates Davidson Analytics

Vinyl on window of Tresata analytics factory

Analytics software pioneer Tresata is partnering with Davidson College to give students and faculty access to leading edge data tools.


The Tresata platform will power research, class projects and the college's growing consulting work for both internal and external clients.

The partnership officially launches today, Jan. 31, 2019, with the christening of the Tresata Analytics Factory's anchor space in Davidson's Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The partnership, as well as the six-month-old Hurt Hub, spotlight Davidson's distinctive advances among liberal arts colleges into analytics and the entrepreneur economy.

"Davidson students already work with data every day. They use analytics to help guide team strategy for the Wildcats' basketball teams or to find new ways of looking at social issues like crime and economic opportunity in Charlotte," said Laurie Heyer, faculty director for The Hurt Hub@Davidson. "The Tresata Analytics Factory will super-charge their ability to turn data into knowledge with imagination and empathy."

The Tresata operation in The Hurt Hub will give students and faculty a purpose-built space to use the company's industry-leading advanced data analytics software. Davidson students and faculty also will have access to online, self-paced data analytics courses through TresataACADEMY. The not-for-credit curriculum will be available for Davidson students in the fall. The commitment of software and TresataACADEMY is valued at approximately $2.5 million.

"The TresataACADEMY changed the way I think about the analytical process," said Tucker Craig, a junior majoring in computer science. "Tresata will immediately transform how we work with large data sets, and I'm excited to see how the software might be used outside the classroom."

Headquartered in Charlotte, Tresata recognizes the deep skills in leadership, problem-solving and communication that Davidson students bring to analytics.

"Davidson has been a key source of talent for Tresata since we started," said Tresata CAO, Brittany Box. "This partnership provides the opportunity for us to further invest in supporting some of the brightest talent in the area and accelerate innovation in our own backyard. Tresata software will help Davidson students and faculty answer new questions that will enrich life on and off campus."


  • January 31, 2019