Political Science Prof. Reveals ‘The Most Significant Antiabortion Group You’ve Never Heard Of’

Prof. Roberts smiles at camera while leading class from podium

On WashingtonPost.com today, Davidson College Political Science Professor Susan Roberts profiled a major anti-abortion group that prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Her piece for the highly influential Monkey Cage blog shines a light on Americans United for Life, one of the oldest and most effective anti-abortion groups in the United States. According to Roberts, “AUL has, over the past four decades, been quietly laying the groundwork for abortion restrictions that don’t attract the attention of the media and public.”

Founded in 1971, AUL employs only about a dozen staffers and has virtually no public profile; it prefers to fly under the radar. However, by providing model legislation for state legislatures across the country, AUL has amassed huge influence and slowly shored up abortion restrictions.

The entire article is available on The Washington Post.


  • May 31, 2019