Education Studies Prof Maps Out Politically Feasible Route to College Affordability

Chris Marsicano, students and a visitor

Chris Marsicano, visiting assistant professor of Educational Studies, published recently an op-ed in USA Today that plots out a politically feasible path toward college affordability. Marsicano also appeared in USA Today earlier in August as an expert in a story on college rankings.

Marsicano and David Feldman, an economics professor at the College of William & Mary, agree that “free college”—which has quickly become a litmus-test issue among Democrat presidential candidates—is compelling. But the co-authors argue that the bumper-sticker slogan is overly simplistic if not wholly unrealistic.

“There are alternative policy ideas that are more equitable, more cost effective and more likely to pass in a polarized and divided Congress,” they write.

Instead of a blanket “free college” policy, Marsicano and Feldman propose a system that bolsters targeted programs that improve access and success.