Don’t Cancel Class: Chronicle of Higher Education Spotlights Novel Outreach by Career Development Center

Students in discussion in classroom

Last week, The Chronicle of Higher Education spotlighted a new practice by the Center for Career Development that solves two problems at once: how to make the most of missed class time, and how to make career information easily accessible to students.

When a member of the faculty knows ahead of time that they have to miss class, the Center for Career Development is ready to step in.

“Let us take that time and come in and do something meaningful with your students,” said Jamie Stamey, executive director of the center.

With the program, known as “Don’t Cancel Class,” the Center for Career Development builds new relationships with students while the professor doesn’t have to worry about unused time.

The Chronicle writes, “Ultimately, Stamey said, the center aims to help students understand how what they learn in class—and outside the classroom, too—can help their professional development. Running the sessions during otherwise unused class time is one way to help students connect those dots.”