‘We Are #DavidsonTrue’ to Debut on National TV

Professor with Students in Davidson's Outdoor Classroom

The narrator begins: “Truth is an elusive concept these days, but not at Davidson College...” That’s what you will see and hear in Davidson’s new television message.

In an era when lines between fake and real blur, Davidson’s new campaign to expand our audiences, #DavidsonTrue, anchors into the curiosity, integrity, trust and exploration that characterize Davidson relationships and the overall college experience. 

The common thread through every scene is smart, driven and kind people. The Davidson experience is built on relationships between faculty, students and staff—the power of community drawn from everyday sparks rather than a single thunderbolt.

The images—students, faculty and staff—and words amplify the #DavidsonTrue campaign, which confronts expectations about learning in a liberal arts college setting and touches on how learning relates to the immediate challenges in the world around us today. We bypass what people presume they will hear from a liberal arts college. Instead, we speak precisely and passionately about what Davidson means to those who experience it, and how dramatically it has shaped their ambitions and their lives.

There are two versions of the college’s new message, including a slightly longer version intended for use at college events and presentations. The 30 second television message will air during men’s basketball A-10 conference games beginning Sunday, Jan. 5, when the Wildcats take on Duquesne.


  • December 5, 2019