CNBC Features Students, Campus in Story About Disruption Caused by Virus

Brandon Harris, Davidson College Class of '22

Davidson College is featured prominently in a CNBC video report that chronicles the impact of the sudden switch to online instruction at colleges across the country.

Michael Robertson ’20 opens the video, telling the story of first hearing the news that students were leaving the campus while he was in class—and continuing to do work for a few minutes while the news settled in.

SGA President Brandon Harris ’22 talks about the steps SGA and Davidson took to make the transition easier on students. SGA rented storage on behalf of students and provided free shuttle rides to the airports.

“We just need to remember we’re not the only ones,” Harris says. “This is a temporary inconvenience. We’ll push through. We’ll be okay.”

Davidson appears frequently in the video, with aerial drone shots and video footage from classrooms.

Watch the CNBC video