Doug Ottati in The Christan Century: "Teaching Theology in Anxious Times"

Professor of Religious Studies Doug Ottati was recently interviewed in The Christian Century, shedding light on the challenges of today's world.

As Craig Family Distinguished Professor of Reformed Theology and Justice, Ottati has taught on various topics from “Being Human” to “Basic Christian Beliefs” to “Major Figures in Theology and Ethics: Jonathan Edwards, H. Richard Niebuhr” and authored several books. 

In this news publication, he offered a theological perspective on the anxious times of today amidst a pandemic.  

In Q&A format, Ottati shared details with interviewer Stephen Healy that touch on the professor’s upbringing, scholarship, teaching, learning and personal growth.

My dad would stop at the deli on the way home, and we would argue about the sermon over sandwiches. Now I think that if you can preach a sermon that’s clear enough for people to argue about, you’ve got them where you want them.

Prof. Ottati, The Christian Century

After Ottati spoke on his religious background and intellectual mentors, he delved further into answering questions such as "In the midst of these social complexities, what do you see happening in the rest of the 21st century?" and "You probably work with a lot of people, students certainly, who don’t agree with this reference to a scientific account of origins. How do you talk to them?"

Read Prof. Doug Ottati's interview with The Christian Century "Teaching Theology in Anxious Times"


  • February 26, 2021