Family Album: Dressed for Success

1920's Davidson College Students

The1920s—the decade of jazz, the automobile, art deco, motion pictures and indoor plumbing.

Before all of that came a world war, flu pandemic and economic recession. Then boom psychology set in, and the 1920s were off and roaring. In Davidson, the college expanded its curriculum and weathered a fire that destroyed the original Chambers Building.

Vintage Photo of Davidson Students in the 1920s Posing

Thanks in part to the Rockefellers, a $600,000 edifice took its place eight years later. All we know about the dapper gents pictured here is that they were students in the 1920s.

That’s where you come in—send your best try at a photo caption to We’ll pick a winner and feature it in the next magazine (Fall/Winter 2021).


Fall/Winter 2022 Update

Leighton B. McKeithen III '75 wrote in response to the spring/summer 2021 Family Album photo with some valuable information for the archives: "The gentlemen were not students in the 1920s but rather the prior decade. The young man on the left in the photo is my grandfather, Leighton B. McKeithen Sr., who graduated in the class of 1919." Thank you, Leighton!

This article was originally published in the Spring/Summer 2021 print issue of the Davidson Journal Magazine; for more, please see the Davidson Journal section of our website.


  • June 25, 2021