NY Times: Stephen Curry Said Davidson Changed His Life. He Changed Davidson.

Steph Curry speaks at the podium during the Curry for 3 Event

Writer and Davidson alum Anna Katherine Clemmons ’01 takes readers back to one of Stephen Curry’s sociology classes during fall semester 2007, before arriving at Aug. 31, 2022—a day for family, friends and 5,000 Davidsonians to celebrate Curry and his impact on the college at a special event on campus.

On Wednesday, Curry received his diploma from Davidson, had his number and jersey retired, and was inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame. And he spoke from the heart.

“What Davidson stands for lives with me every time I step on the court, and every time I try to impact lives,” he said. “How we represent Davidson in every room we walk into—it matters.”

In the piece, Clemmons charts Curry’s path as a “normal” student who preferred late night breakfast from the only eatery open late on campus to 7th round draft pick to global superstar and NBA MVP.

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