Sam Cascio ’22: The Right School, The Right Community

Sam Cascio with friends at Commencement

Cascio (second from left) with friends at Commencement

Sam Cascio ’22 graduated with a major in economics and a minor in data science and is now a consulting analyst for Deloitte.

“I loved the small community at Davidson where all my professors knew our names,” she said. “I felt really well prepared for the consulting world because my classes taught me how to think and problem solve, which I think all students learn, regardless of the major they choose.” 

Upon her arrival as a first-year student, Cascio said she needed to grow in a few key areas —networking and becoming more outgoing and talkative. The small community was perfect for helping her gain those skills.

Sam Cascio, #21

Cascio wore #21 for the women’s soccer team; photo from the A-10 semi-final game in the 2021 season. They won the game and went to the conference championship for the first time in program history.

“It was easy to get to know people on campus, and we were always networking, whether or not we realized it,” she said. “Small classes, collaborating on group work - so much of what we did was people-based, and it helped me prepare for the working world.”

Soccer was a huge part of Cascio’s Davidson experience, and she now plays in a co-ed league in Charlotte. She doesn’t spend 20 hours a week on the sport anymore, and she says she has lost some of her skill as a result, but she’s happy to be able to maintain an active lifestyle.

An additional plus of Charlotte is the number of Davidson grads who choose to move just a short ways down I-77 from campus. 

“My gym is owned by two Davidson alumni athletes, and I pass a Davidson alum every time I’m out and about in my building or walking the city’s Rail Trail,” she said. “I’ve met so many Davidson people I didn’t know when we were on campus together.”

In addition to soccer and academics, Cascio was involved as a student in the Women in Business club on campus, which was started by soccer teammates, Rusk Eating House, the LearnWorks program at the Ada Jenkins Center and the College Crisis Initiative. She kept a full plate and loved every minute of it.

“I grew up in Florida and was not too familiar with Davidson,” she said. “A coach reached out to me at a soccer tournament and asked me to visit. It was beautiful. I was able to meet the team and the coaches, and I loved the community. It was definitely the right place for me.” 

Cascio received the Class of 2017 Women’s Soccer Scholarship as a student.


  • April 10, 2023