Making a Difference: Teacher Shoutouts from the Davidson Community

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From: Clint Smith ’10 (Instagram post, April 7, 2023)

To: Ms. Mueller, Jean Gordon Elementary School 

Those of you who heard me on Colbert last week heard me talk about my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Mueller, who after reading a poem I wrote, looked at me and told me I could be a writer when I grew up. I never forgot those words for the rest of my life. So what an utter delight when I looked up from the signing table after my event in New Orleans and saw Ms. Mueller there! Shout out teachers 
who help expand the possibilities of what you imagine for your life. You never know how what you say is going to impact a kid.

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From: Haley Jobe ’20

To: Lori Rockett Jobe ’91, Interim Head of School at Good Shepard Episcopal School, Virginia

My mom, Lori, has tirelessly worked in school administration serving three schools over the last 15 years. Most recently she has helped GSES navigate trials because of their commitment to include LGBTQA+ students in their community. Lori is a fearless leader, showing humility and kindness to all she meets. She stands up for her students, teachers, and parents without hesitation and welcomes all people. 

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From: Yancey Fouché, Director of Sustainability

To: Elliott Stroupe, Webb School of Knoxville, Tennessee

Coach Stroupe modeled that education, leadership, and life are more about what happens outside any classroom or lab than in it. He delivered hands-on lessons, outside whenever possible, that sparked my love of experiential learning and collaborative science. More importantly, he organized regular service trips for us privileged, private middle schoolers to meaningfully engage with kids at the Boys and Girls Club he had grown up attending. A successful basketball coach, Coach Stroupe had a way of really seeing each of his students/players and communicating that he expects you to bring your best, respect first and foremost, and reach out beyond your bubble to do good. 

This article was originally published in the Fall/Winter 2023 print issue of the Davidson Journal Magazine; for more, please see the Davidson Journal section of our website.