Jassyran Kim ’20 on Building a Brand and Beginning a New Chapter

a woman holding her belly in front of a grey background

The summer before coming to Davidson, Jassyran Kim ’20 accepted her first internship with Accenture, a company specializing in information, technology and consulting. Three years after graduating, she has built a career as a consultant for the company, a journey that has taken her from Charlotte back home to the Boston area. 

Kim majored in economics and originally thought she’d work in finance. In the end, she chose to pursue consulting because of the freedom it gave her to dip her toes into different industries. After learning the ropes during her first year as a financial consultant in Charlotte, she made the switch to tech consulting, where she now helps companies responsibly manage client data. 

“I love the people I get to interact with every day,” Kim said. I’m a consumer of our clients’ products, so it’s nice to see behind the scenes of the technology we use every day. My team helps tech companies protect their users, follow government guidelines and maintain a sense of integrity with the customer. ”

While she’s moved away from finance, she still applies the problem-solving skills she learned in economics classes at Davidson. 

a woman holding her belly in front of a grey background

Davidson made me get comfortable with not knowing everything. I learned to accept failure and to rework a problem until I got a different result. In my job now, I know the answer won’t just be given to me. I’m constantly workshopping with the client or workshopping with my team to figure out what they need and when they need it.

Jassyran Kim '20

Since starting with Accenture in September of 2020, Kim’s job has been entirely remote, with no plans to return to the office. Launching her career in the middle of the pandemic came with its challenges but ultimately taught her to focus on building a support system at work. 

“I learned early on that it’s crucial to build your own brand,” she said. “I want to make sure that when somebody says my name, you immediately think of the quality work I provide. It's all about who you know and what they'll say when you're not around.”

During her brief stint working in Charlotte, Kim found herself frequently traveling home to Lynn, Massachusetts. Working remotely meant she could make the move back home while staying on the same project with the same team. Since her move in 2021, she’s received two promotions and accepted her current project in the tech world, all while putting down new roots in her hometown.

Now, Kim prepares to enter a new chapter in her life—motherhood. She and her fiancé are expecting their first child in January of 2024, and she’s ready to once again embrace the unknown surrounded by support. 

“I’m exactly where I’d like to be at this stage of my life,” she said. “It’s hard to do this on your own. I’m lucky to have such a large and loving family that has welcomed me home and will welcome the baby, too.” 


  • December 5, 2023