• Ph.D. University of Delaware
  • B.S., B.A. North Carolina State University


I received dual degrees in chemistry (B.A.) and chemical engineering (B.S.) from North Carolina State University in 2013 where I worked on electrospun nanofiber research under the mentorship of Prof. Saad Khan.

My experiences in the lab as an undergraduate student inspired me to pursue graduate school. In 2018 I completed my Ph.D. in chemical engineering focusing on polymer chemistry at the University of Delaware, advised by Prof. Christopher Kloxin. My thesis work focused on developing new polymeric materials using click chemistry and photopolymerizations for applications that ranged from dental materials to charged membranes for fuel cell applications.

From 2018 to 2021, I completed my postdoctoral research studies at Northwestern University in an organic materials chemistry lab under the guidance of Prof. Julia Kalow. My research there focused on the synthesis, characterization, and applications of covalent adaptable networks and developing new recyclable plastic technologies.

At Davidson College, my research projects will revolve around the design of polymer materials for various applications including polymer resins, 3D printing, drug delivery, and recyclable composites. I plan on developing curricula in polymer science and technology and introducing students to the world of advanced and smart materials.