• Ph.D. University of Georgia, Athens
  • B.S. Emory and Henry College


I teach courses in modern physics, electricity and magnetism, and classical mechanics. One of my most popular courses is one for non-science majors entitled Musical Technology, in which I cover the physics of sound, right down to where to place your speakers. As a professional opera singer as well as a physics professor, I've provided educational programs, workshops and lectures on the science of sound for thousands of students and adults of all ages?I even once taught a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. A popular outreach program, The Science of Singing, takes a systematic look at the anatomy of the vocal instrument and the physics associated with its sound production.

I maintain an active research program in the development of new optical materials in the Laser Laboratory at Davidson. My research includes linear and non-linear optical properties of transition metal and rare earth ions, as well as phonon dynamics and energy transfer processes in insulating crystals, nanocrystals and sol-gel glasses.  

When I'm not in the lab, I'm either at home with my family or onstage. I've performed principal roles in 30 productions with Opera Carolina and served the Breckenridge Music Festival, Charlotte, Canton, Fayetteville, Asheville, and North Carolina Symphonies in a variety of capacities.