• Ph.D., M.A. University of Connecticut
  • B.A. University of California, Berkeley


My research interests in theoretical physics lie in the mathematical and computational formulations of quantum mechanics (SUSY QM, evolution of wave packets, quasi-probability distributions in phase space, and applications of sum rules) and abelian and non-abelian quantum field theories (QED and QCD). 

Since coming to Davidson I have collaborated in research with over 10 students, and many of these projects have resulted in publications with student co-authors. I am proud that collaborative research with students is a hallmark of our department. 

My research interests in physics education research and development lie in the development and testing of interactive curricular materials (using Physlets and open source physics) for use in a wide variety of physics courses (from introductory astronomy and physics to advanced quantum mechanics). As part of this research, I have authored or co-authored more than 1,000 computer-based interactive exercises, co-authored numerous articles, and co-authored seven books via grants from the National Science Foundation.

I'm passionate about teaching physics and was honored with the Excellence in Undergraduate Physics Teaching Award from the American Association of Physics Teachers, as well as the Pegram Award for "Excellence in the Teaching of Physics in the Southeast" from the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society and the Hubisz Award from the North Carolina Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers for Outstanding Service to the Section. I have been the books department editor for Computing in Science and Engineering and chair of the American Association of Physics's (AAPT) Committee on Educational Technologies.

I am currently the Section Representative of the North Carolina Section of AAPT, a member of the AAPT's Committee on Undergraduate Education, on the Advisory Boards of Physics Today and The Physics Teacher, and a member of the ComPADRE Quantum Physics Editorial Board.