• Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
  • B.S. University of Virginia


As an inorganic chemist, I am fascinated by the same concepts that interest all chemists, but I tend to look for them in more "remote" parts of the Periodic Table. My work focuses on elements in the transition metal, main group, and lanthanide series, which offer more complex molecular and electronic structures.

After receiving my Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, I began my independent career at Sandia National Laboratories in the San Francisco Bay Area studying battery science (redox flow batteries, lithium-air batteries) and radiation scintillation phenomena. I intend to continue those research efforts here at Davidson because they demonstrate chemistry's importance in various contemporary applications, while providing an interdisciplinary science experience for the students in my lab.


CHE 115 Principles of Chemistry

CHE 240 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry

CHE 340 Experimental Inorganic Chemistry