• Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • M.A., B.A. University of Richmond


I have spent 37 years as an educator, the first 11 as a high school English teacher, football coach, women's softball coach, and baseball coach. Since 1999 I have been in the Educational Studies Department at Davidson College where I teach a variety of courses in education, writing, and humanities. My research interests include democracy and education, the history of education, and multicultural education.


WRI 101 Various Topics
HUM 151 Late Antiquity Through Medieval
HUM 160 Cultures and Civilizations
EDU 121 Foundations of American Education
EDU 141 Introduction to Philosophy of Education
EDU 221 Schools and Society
EDU 250 Multicultural Education
EDU 270 Democracy and Education
EDU 292 Theory of Sports Coaching
EDU 370 War, Peace, and Education
EDU 400 Directed Field Placement