• Ph.D., M.A. Princeton University
  • B.A. Middlebury College


A chance encounter in the library stacks with a bound volume of Others: A Magazine of the New Verse precipitated my career-long interest in modernist magazines. I have published books and articles on modern periodicals, poetry, and pedagogy, including The Little Magazine ?Others' and the Renovation of Modern American Poetry (Ashgate 2006) and Little Magazines and Modernism: new approaches, co-edited with Adam McKible (Ashgate 2007).

Much of my scholarship is collaborative, including co-editing a special Harlem Renaissance edition of Modernism/Modernity and co-authoring articles with Davidson College students on topics such as "the new poetry" in Others and Poetry Review of America, youth culture in the Crisis and Fire!!, and racial silencing in Contempo. Students also contribute to the ongoing expansion of the website, Index of Modernist Magazines. I'm currently co-directing a digital humanities project, Mina Loy: Navigating the Avant-Garde. Dedicated to the work of Mina Loy, a bold avant-garde poet and visual artist, the project received a 2017 National Endowment for the Humanities grant of nearly $75,000.

I teach courses in modern poetry, modernism and the Harlem Renaissance, word-art, and digital design. My pedagogy is interdisciplinary, as reflected in my affiliations with Africana Studies, Digital Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Global Literary Theory, the Humanities Program, and the Writing Program.


  • WRI 101: Building Stories
  • ENG 110: Media & Community
  • ENG 220: Literary Analysis
  • ENG 260: British Literature, 1800 to the present
  • ENG 294: Introduction to Modernism/Harlem Renaissance
  • ENG 372: British Fiction from Dickens to the Present ("The Lyrical Novel")
  • ENG 373: British, Irish & Transnational Poetry in English
  • ENG 387: Modern American Poetry
  • ENG 390: Word-Art
  • ENG 394: Avant-Garde
  • ENG 473: Picturing Texts, Making Media
  • ENG 473: Modernism, Magazines, & Media