• Ph.D. Dartmouth College
  • M.S. Georgia Institute of Technology
  • B.S. University of the South


My research interests center on making solar cells more efficient. More specifically, we conduct spectroscopic investigations of defects in semiconductors with application to photovoltaic devices. Our experimental techniques include excitation, temperature, position, and time-dependent measurements of photoluminescence, heat, and capacitance.

Like most experimentalists, I love playing, learning, and teaching in the lab. My students and I share a strong interest in renewable energy technology and we've published a variety of papers in this field, including a recent feature article in The Physics Teacher magazine. Our collaboration with scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and UNC-Charlotte has been supported by grants from Research Corporation, the Petroleum Research Fund, and the Charlotte Research Institute.

While physics is my first love, I also have a master's degree in electrical engineering, which informs my service as the engineering dual-degree adviser at Davidson. When I'm not doing physics, I enjoy spending time with my awesome son Bernie. We like soccer, sailing, hiking, gardening, and attending art/music festivals.